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All About Industrial Water Filtration

Industrial water filtration applications in a power generation facility

 In a non-renewable Electric Power Generation facility there are many different water streams each demanding its own specific level of water purity. The presence, flows and purity of each of these streams is driven by the plant design, e.g. coal fired, combined cycle, gas-turbine, geo-thermal or nuclear. Pre-treatment of well, surface or city water, Boiler water make-up, Cooling tower, Service water, Flue gas desulfurization, Ash handling, Coal pile run-off,  Gas turbine inlet air cooling/fogging, Waste water disposal. Regardless of the application, there is a good chance that some type of water filtration will be required in order for the power generation application to operate at its peak efficiency.Find more information at Industrial water filtration website.

Defining the types of water filtration-Water filtration options in the Power Generation industry can be divided into two major categories, based upon the filtering media used granular and membrane. Granular water filtration has been used for many decades in the Power Generation industry, and will be familiar to most. Examples of granular media filtration include sand filters; activated carbon filters for taste, odor, and chlorine removal; anthracite filters; and fine garnet filters. These types of filters can remove suspended particles down to about 10 microns in diameter. With the use of certain coagulant or flocculent polymers fed prior to these filters (fed as filter aids), some success has been seen in the removal of particles down to almost 1 micron.

The spacing between the discrete filtering media particles serves as the pores. Suspended solids trapped out by these filters will be collected on top of the filtration media bed, or within the pores.  Membrane water filtration uses membranes to remove suspended particles. Unlike granular filters, the membranes are designed with pores and are capable of removing much smaller particles.