We have become accustomed to body art in the form of tattoos and body piercing; people that adorn their bodies with intricate and detailed body art, messages and signs with personal meaning. But in Moscow it will become a celebration of the artists who create the masterpieces and a showcase of their work. The very first international Moscow Body Art Festival will be held in the city between the 13th and 16th of March 2008 and will have some of the best tattoo artists from across the world, in attendance.

Together with the assistance and input of well-known American tattoo artist, John Montgomery, the Moscow Body Art Festival will be a gathering of artists and entertainers. Held in Tishinskaya Square, Moscow is the perfect location for an artistic festival, as the city is rich in history, magnificent architecture and culture. As the interest and demand for tattoos and body art is increasing in Russia, the festival aims to create awareness and understanding of this form of art and will exhibit various forms of body art, such as body fashion, body piercing, scaring and tattoos. Other types of artists, such as performers, musicians, singers and painters, will be attending the show, to provide spectators with alternative entertainment.

The exhibits, workshops and conferences will include Permanent Make-up, the removing and covering up of tattoos, temporary henna tattoos, nail art, air graffiti, body modification, body piercing and of course tattoos. Sid Chidiac from Australia will also be at the show, to stun the crowds with his spectacular artistic chocolate show. Tattoo artists in attendance will include John Montgomery – Tattoo Syndicate (USA), Joshua Carlton – The Great American Tattoo Co (USA), Chris – Positif Tattoo’s (France), Jeff Ortega – Evil from the Needle (UK), Mikael – Tattoo Club (France), Herman Chevalie – Atomic Tattoo Art (Spain), Kari – Momento Tattoo (Norway), Snoopy and Pussifer – Snoopy and Pussifer Tattoos (North Ireland), and Davzzz – Hypnotic Tattoos (Canada).

For a festival with a difference, that shocks, amazes and intrigues, ensure that you attend the Moscow Body Art Festival in Russia, as it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable event. It is a colorful extravaganza of art. For those who have always been curious or too afraid to explore body art, the Moscow Body Festival has all the answers and all the artists that can transform a body into a work of art.

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